Family Dentistry

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Pima Family Dentistry is the one-man-stop where you can deal with all your family’s dental needs in one place. Our friendly office feels like a second home to our patients- and with good reason. We offer numerous dental services, family-orientated care, and exceptional staff. We are the best family dentistry in Tucson, Arizona. 

With so many benefits and services, your only regret will not be coming sooner. So if you’re looking for the best family dentist in Tucson, set up an appointment here.

What is a Family Dentist?

A family dentist is a general dentist who has undergone further training to see children. A “family dentist” is a dentist that can operate on anyone in the family, from 3-year-old Timmy to Grandma! 

Family dentists can perform treatments regardless of age, including more age-specific services such as pulpotomy. While professional, family dentists have trained to treat people of any age with care.


What are the Advantages of Family Dentistry? 

There are many advantages to seeing a family dentist instead of seeing a general dentist. At Pima Family Dentistry, we provide more procedures and have more experience. Some of the benefits of family dentistry include the following: 

  • A Large Staff. Here at Pima Family Dentistry, we can see multiple people at once- including your family. Unlike smaller clinics with only one or two dentists, we have four certified dentists who can manage family dental appointments. 
  • Family Friendly. Our dentists have been trained around children and know how to give them with care and patience they deserve. 
  • More Procedures Available. Many general dentists have age restrictions on certain treatments (such as 16yr+). That’s a problem with a large family! So unless you want to hop around town to various dentists, our family dentists provide everything you need in one place. 
  • Emergency Dental Services. Kid chip a tooth? No worries! Instead of panicking, you can rest assured that our family dentists can deal with any emergency at Pima Family Dentistry. Always be prepared for tooth emergencies, and sign up with our family dentistry. 


What Services do our Family Dentists Provide? 

We provide services for the entire family. A few include: 

  • Restorative Dentistry. Our family dentists pride themselves in providing the best restorative dentistry in Tucson! Whether you need a filling, crown, or implant restoration, we have you (and your family) covered. 
  • Cosmetic Dentistry. Take your appearance to the next level with our cosmetic dentistry. We offer teeth whitening, veneers, dental bonding, and full mouth reconstruction. Level up your smile with any of the options listed above.
  • Preventative Dentistry. Whether you’re here every six months for a checkup or dental cleaning, we’ll ensure your teeth stay healthy and strong. 
  • Prosthodontics. Prosthodontics is an advanced area of dentistry that focuses on repairing teeth with dentures and partials. At Pima Family Dentistry, we have qualified dentists that can turn even the most broken smiles into pearly-white rows of teeth! 
  • Full-Mouth Reconstruction. Also known as a “smile makeover,” our family dentists will restore all teeth and gums in the lower and upper jaws. Our dentists will undo years of age and neglect and give you a fresh start. Full-mouth restoration is like clicking “ctrl+r” on a website.

At Pima Family Dental, you’ll never worry about age restrictions, long waiting times, or unavailable treatments. You can view our complete list of services here.  


Best Family Dentistry in Tucson, Arizona. 

Are you tired of mediocre care? Ready to take your dental experience to the next level? Say no more. Our outstanding dentists, Dr. Carol McGonigle, Dr. Thomas Bell, Dr. Brian Nguyen, and Dr. Richard Hibner, will send you home with brighter teeth each time. 

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