Restorative Dentistry

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Everyone looks great with a white smile. However, it’s hard to smile when you’re missing teeth! Here at Pima Family Dentistry, we offer the best restorative dentistry in Tucson, Arizona. You can kiss the gap between your teeth goodbye as we replace it with the leading crowns, bridges, and dentures available. 

With dental experts and advanced tools, we provide a top-tier experience that’ll blow you away. Schedule an appointment here to sample the magic.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry replaces teeth that have fallen out, been knocked out, or decayed. Our procedures are highly effective and guarantee beautiful teeth. We offer all types of restorative dental services: covered fillings, dental crowns, bridges, dentures, and more.


What Restorative Dental Procedures do we Offer? 

At Pima Family Dentistry, we focus on giving our patients the best smile possible. As a result, we have a complete, versatile catalog of procedures that can solve any problem you may have. 

  • Root Canal Therapy. A root canal treatment can ease uncomfortable symptoms and prevent the need for tooth extraction if the soft tissue inside a tooth becomes infected. We can remove the infected tissue with gentle techniques under anesthesia and then repair it with a customized dental crown.
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings. We use composite fillings to repair injured teeth from cracks, fractures, and decay. 
  • Dental Crowns. Our dentists place dental crowns over injured or decayed teeth. We make our dental crowns out of the finest porcelain and ceramic available, ensuring longevity and quality. The crown will blend seamlessly with the other teeth for years to come.
  • Dental Bridges. Made from porcelain or ceramic and held by surrounding dental crowns, dental bridges offer a simple option for people who want an alternative to dental implants. Dental bridges can replace one or multiple teeth with a high-quality prosthesis. 
  • Dentures. Dentures aren’t just for older people. They’re the perfect choice for anybody missing large amounts of teeth. Besides, nobody can tell the difference. Dentures may cover the mouth, the bottom half, certain parts, the top, and other areas. Constructed from durable porcelain or acrylic, you won’t have any problem munching on hard food like nuts once you’re home. 


What are the Benefits of Restorative Dentistry? 

Aside from preventing future problems, preventative dentistry also comes with a large number of benefits: 

  • Improve Speech. Teeth are necessary for vocalization! With restorative dentistry, you can take your speech to the next level. 
  • Better Chewing. It’s hard to chew when you’re missing teeth. When this happens, your chewing becomes lopsided and unnatural. Various problems can arise: you may chew improperly and have higher chances of choking, gum soreness, and general discomfort. 
  • More Attractive. Studies show that people in the USA view people with good smiles as more attractive and intelligent. So unless you’re cosplaying as a pirate, you’ll also look better with a full smile.
  • Look Younger. Healthy smiles make you look younger. 
  • Better Health. Your entire health and oral health are closely related. You run a higher chance of developing major health problems if you don’t get treatment for gum disease or a tooth infection.


Is Restorative Dentistry Painful? 

No! We provide our patients with the most comfortable, effective visits possible. With advanced dental procedures and local anesthesia, you won’t feel a thing.


The Best Restorative Dentistry in Tucson, Arizona. 

It’s hard to smile when you’re missing teeth. Thankfully, we can fix it! Our house dentists Dr. Carol McGonigle, Dr. Thomas Bell, Dr. Brian Nguyen, and Dr. Richard Hibner, have dedicated their lives to making your mouth healthy. With our help, you can smile with confidence. 

By scheduling an appointment, you invest in a brighter future and smile.