Restorative Dentistry

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Do you have missing teeth? Having missing teeth can be embarrassing and cause dental health problems. The restorative dentistry services offered by Pima Family Dentistry in Tucson, Arizona, can restore your smile and enhance your teeth’ appearance and functionality. Giving you a healthy and attractive smile can also regain your confidence.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry typically aims to replace or repair broken or missing teeth. Simple tooth fillings to intricate dental implants are all examples of restorative dental procedures. 


Why Worry About Missing or Damaged Teeth?

Numerous difficulties, both aesthetically and functionally, can result from missing teeth. Some of these issues include:

Concerns About Appearance: Missing teeth can make you look older and have a negative impact on your confidence.

Functional Issues: If you have missing teeth, it might be challenging to chew correctly and talk coherently. Decreased functionality may also result in digestive issues.

Bone Loss: The bone that supports teeth starts degenerating when teeth are missing. Degeneration can eventually cause more lost teeth, and it can even cause your face to change form.

Your dental health may also suffer from a damaged or missing tooth. A tooth that is chipped or fractured could get infected. The infection may result in discomfort and various health issues, and ultimately you could lose the tooth.


Our Restorative Dental Service in Tucson, Arizona Includes

-Dental Implants: Dental implants are a long-lasting tooth replacement option. They are titanium posts inserted surgically into the jawbone to serve as anchors for dentures or dental crowns. Because they are made of titanium, they are biocompatible; in other words, your immune system does not reject them. Dental implants can last a lifetime and look like your original teeth when adequately cared for. They may also lessen the effects of tooth loss on the jawbone.

-Tooth-Colored Fillings: Composite resin, a long-lasting substance that we can match perfectly to the shade of your natural teeth, is used to make tooth-colored fillings. They are used to fix minor damage like cavities. Many people might automatically think of silver fillings, but tooth-colored composite resin is superior to the conventional method in appearance and performance. Unlike metal fillings, the composite resin is flexible and conforms to your teeth’ normal expansion and contraction. You will place less internal pressure on the tooth when you bite and chew.

-Dental Crowns: A crown is a “cap” that protects a tooth from further injury or deterioration. We can also use crowns to make teeth that are damaged, deformed, or discolored look and function better. We can color them to match your natural teeth, and are constructed of porcelain or ceramic. Dental crowns are a long-term fix that, with proper maintenance, can last a lifetime.

-Dental Bridges: A dental bridge replaces one or more missing teeth with a fixed (non-removable) prosthesis. Bridges are usually constructed of porcelain or ceramic and are held in place by dental crowns on either side of the gap that the crown covers. To improve your smile, they are shaded to match the color of your natural teeth. With the correct maintenance, they can potentially last for many years.

-Dentures: Dentures are removable dental prosthetics for missing teeth. They can be designed to fit your mouth entirely or in part. Dentures can look very real and are typically constructed of porcelain or acrylic. They can also aid in recovering your ability to speak and chew, which will help your teeth operate better.


Tucson, Arizona Smile Restoration

Drs. Carol McGonigle and Brian Nguyen can help you decide which treatment—dentures, bridges, or dental implants—will work best for your particular need. Our group will make sure that you get the best care possible.

You’ll love our Tucson office’s comfortable and friendly environment. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure you have an enjoyable visit. 

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